HiDarts, bulls
HiDarts, made in Europe

Android / iOS

Android/Ios tablet or phone: (via Wifi)
*Before starting, take a moment to connect your device to your home wifi network to confirm it is working correctly. Also make a note of your wifi’s name and password as you will need it at hand in the following steps.)
1) Search and download the Hidarts app from the Appstore or from Google Market.
2) Set up your board and plug in the cable and adapter to power up the board.
3) With the dartboard now on, using the device you wish to play with, search for the HiDarts wifi signal and connect to it. You must use the password: hi-darts
4) Once connected to the HiDarts wifi, open up a web browser (Mozilla, chrome, safari, internet explorer…) and type the following ip address:
This will open up a new tab (black background) that allows you to set up the board’s connection)
5) Under SSID choose your home wifi network and enter your password underneath.
(*make sure the wifi password is correct, avoid possible confusion amongst o’s and zeros, capital letters, and numbers)
Once both boxes are filled in, click on “save configuration”.

6) A new white tab should open up confirming the connection and asking you to close the tab to continue.

You are now connected! To confirm that the setup has been successful, see if your device has connected automatically back to your home wifi network (This automatic step may take a few seconds). If you no longer see the HiDarts wifi network available, you have been successful in connecting the board to your wifi internet connection.
*(if however your board hasn’t been synchronised correctly, return to step 4 and repeat. Play close attention to the access point’s name as well as your password)

7) Proceed to create your profile and check that the board synchronises with the device correctly. Your account will be immediately validated once created as well as your player license. You are now able to play online against remote opponents.
*(If faced with a strange error, close the app and open up again).