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HiDarts, made in Europe

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in the HiDarts Kit?

  • Our kit comes with a fully assembled darts cabinet as well as all the components needed to complete the installation. 


What do I need to complete the HiDarts kit?

  • You’ll need to own a “GranBoard Dash” to complete the assembly of the Kit. 


Can I install another model of Gran Board into the HiDarts Kit? 

  • No, out kit is only compatible with the “Dash” model


What tools do I need to assemble the HiDarts?

  • You only need a Phillips screwdriver and the step by step instruction manual that comes with the board. 


Is it hard to install the HiDarts Kit? 

  • Not at all. We’ve made it very easy for any user to install.  It should only take you 5 minutes to complete the assembly thanks to the step by step manual provided. We also have a video to make it easier!


Will I notice an improvement? 

  • No doubt! We’ve worked hard on making the best home board on the market and have incorporated only the best components available. You should instantly notice the build quality and superior gameplay. 


What about noise cancellation? 

  • Since we’ve used a solid wood cabinet, a high quality target and an extra thick rubber damper, we believe we’ve made one of the quietest boards available, if not the most! That “clack” you are used to will now be a comforting “thump” each time you throw a dart. 


Can I play Online?

  • Yes. Once you have completed the installation of your HiDarts kit you will be able to navigate the same software you were using on your Granboard Dash.
    You will keep the same account, and the same software, so you won’t notice a difference.


What’s the difference between the H13 and the H15 models?

  • Our H13 model corresponds to the 13” European size target, whereas the H15 model comes with a 15,5” competition size American target. 


Spare parts and guarantee?

  • All of the HiDarts Kit components are covered by our 2 year guarantee.
    If you were to experience any issues that aren’t caused by natural “wear and tear”, we will replace it immediately. And, even after the guarantee expires, we continue to offer spare replacement parts for anyone that needs to replace or fix a component. 

    *Granboard components aren’t covered by our guarantee.


How do I hang my board on the wall?

  • Our Kit comes with the necessary mounting screws and instructions to mount the board safely. Also included in the kit is a mounting template that you can use as a guide as well as printed step by step instructions. 


Any more questions? 

  • We love feedback! Get in touch with us and let us know!