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HiDarts Kit

After the closure of the HiDarts servers, we have developed an update kit so that our users can continue to enjoy the advantages of their HiDarts boards.

The HiDarts Update Kit is designed for all those players looking to upgrade their equipment and take their player experience to the next level.

With just a few simple changes, you can easily upgrade your board together with your own "Gran Board Dash" in order to take advantage of the best materials and construction, along with the most advanced electronic technology. The perfect "mix" of technology and quality.

* Kit does not include Gran Board Dash or any of its components

Do you want us to install it for you?
The HiDarts team will do the installation at no extra cost. Just send us your board and we will do it  for you.

For more information: info@hidarts.com


How to disassemble your HiDarts board

Click here to see the video of "How to disassemble your HiDarts board"

How to install your HiDarts kit

Click here to see the video of "How to assemble your HiDarts kit"


For assembly inquiries: support@hidarts.com