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FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why does the HiDarts network not appear on my list of available Wi-Fi networks?
A: Once the board has been synchronized with a home Wi-Fi successfully, it disappears from the list of networks to avoid accidental disconnection. If you want to reconfigure the Wi-Fi network settings you must reset the board.

Q: I have changed phone company / router. How do I synchronize my target to the new network?
A: To Re-synchronize the board with a new Wi-Fi network you will need to reset the board. Follow these simple steps to do so:
1- Disconnect the power cable from the board
2- Reconnect the power cable to the board
3- As soon as the button turns on, hold it down until the orange front led on the board flashes 5 times in a row.
4- Once the front LED has blinked and turned off completely, we can stop pressing the button.
The board is now in reset mode and will allow you to configure a new Wifi network. Once finished it will save the new setup as your default.

Q: The HiDarts application does not detect the board connected by USB to my computer
A: Make sure that the board is correctly connected.
In case the problem persists, open the HiDarts folder in the directory where the application was installed. Then open the "driver" folder and run the "InstallDriver"
Once the process is complete, the target should connect correctly.
In the event that the problem persists, please contact us by sending an email to support@hidarts.com

Q: Can I take my target home to a friend and play online?
A: Yes. In case you decide to use the Wi-Fi connection of the target, do not forget to reset the board and link the target with the new home wireless network.

Q: Is it possible to play in Offline using my mobile phone or tablet?
A: No. Offline mode is currently only available for Windows PCs.

Q: Can I connect multiple devices to my HiDarts board?
A: Yes. Once the target is synchronized with the home Wi-Fi network, you can use any device that is connected to that network to play. Keep in mind that only one device can be connected at a time.

Q: I can not set up the Wi-Fi connection using my tablet or mobile phone.
A: Follow these simple steps:
1- Empty the cache of your web browser
2- Reset the board.
3- Connect the portable device to the HiDarts network
4 - Proceed with the steps of how to configure the board.
In case the problem persists, try again with any other device.

Once the board is synchronized correctly with your Wi-Fi network, you can already use any device that is connected to your home wireless network.

Q: Expired license message
A: After the online subscription time is over, the message appears.
To be able to play online, please renew your license in the "licenses & flights" section in the store within the HiDarts application.

Q: Can you play 4 players at once?
A: Yes. When creating a new game, you can add three or more players to the game. These can be on the same board ("human" mode) or online players that have been added as a friend ("invite" mode).

Q: App Compatibility:
A: Hi Darts application is compatible with:
- Windows PC (Windows 7 or higher)
- Android (excpet for smartphones and tablets with "intel" processor)
- iOS
The HiDarts application is not compatible with Mac computers.

Q: Can a 13" board play together with a 15" board?
A: Yes. They are both compatible with each other.

Q: Can I adapt my 15" board with a 13" grill?
A: No. Although the targets appear to be the same, the internal components do not allow turning a 15" into a 13".

Q: What do I do if the front LED of the target lights up red?
A: In case the front red led comes on, disconnect the target and reconnect it.
In the event that the problem persists, please contact us at support@hidarts.com

Q: Can I push in a broken tip in a segment?
A: No. We recommend you use a punch and/or a pair of pliers to try to pull the tip out.
Pushing the tip in could block any other segment or damage the internal components of the target.

Q: How many players can play at the same time?
A: In both offline and online games, up to 4 players can play in the same game.

Q: Is it possible to play by teams?
A: No. At the moment the option to play by teams is not available.

Q: Is the subscription to the HiDarts servers, by user account or by board?
A: Subscription is per user account. If 4 players each have an account, all 4 can simultaneously play online on the same board.

Q: How do I sign up for a HiDarts tournament?
A: You will find all the information on how to participate in that event on the main page of the HiDarts application. Keep a close look out to see news and promotions.
If you need more information, contact us at support@hidarts.com


For any other doubts you may have or technical problem, please contact us at support@hidarts.com