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1- The colour of the icon indicates the board’s connection status with the device.
Green: Connected properly with the HiDarts board.
Red: Not connected to HiDarts board.

2- The MPR sets a standard for classifying a player on their average per round in cricket. The maximum marks dart is 3.

3- The PPD defines the level of success that is a player in the modalities X01 and sets the average points per dart.

4 Profile: This section is where you can find and modify the information related to your profile.
View your achievements, games played, wins and losses, Player reliability, MPR, PPD and acquired Flights.
You can modify your profile picture, wallpaper, sounds and videos with a simple click. Also modify your mail account or username as well as anything related to the user profile in a fast and intuitive way.


Achievement Section:


Customize Section:


5- Friends: In this section you can view your friends list as well as add new players to it.
See who is online, send private messages, and challenge them to a game.

Use the search bar to look for listed friends.


6- Rankings: See the list of top player's rankings for each game. Search rankings by International, National and “around me”, for close by opponents.


7- Shop: In the HiShop you can both renew your online account as well as buy flights. Flights are used for in-app purchases for all kinds of items such as new backgrounds, new sound packages, interactive videos, new avatars and more. Take a look and see if there is anything that catches your interest and start personalizing your account.

8- Log out. Change profile.

9- Chat: Open the chat window to display new notifications, game invites, friend requests as well as
accepting items, and chatting to the whole community of online players. If you want to challenge an
individual friend, open up a private chat and discuss the setup of the game.
Keep the chat window translucent whilst in game by pressing the “eye” icon at the bottom of the
tab. This will allow you to continue chatting, without missing any scores.

10- Play!!

Welcome to the HiDarts community!!!

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