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User name: Mary

Born and raised in Spain, Mary is now one of the top Spanish female players with a wide range of European softip titles won.
She is one of our favourite gals and we wish her the best of luck with her career.

Started playing in: xx/xx/xx

Playes mostly on: 15.5" softip

Darts: Harrows Hawaii 22gr.

Favourite cricket number: T16



User name: Matrix

A steel tip monster!
This Spanish player has been there from the start and is as vicious on the throw line as he is friendly off of it.
We wish him the best of luck both as a player and as a friend.

Started playing in: xx/xx/xx

Playes mostly on: 13" softip


Favourite cricket number:


User name: Zape

A young and enthusiastic Spanish player that rose quickly and is yet to be stopped.
We see Zape at every event and have yet to see him loose his cool.
He is a delight in every way, yet we hope never to face him in competition.

Started playing in: 2009

Playes mostly on: 13" steeltip

Darts:The cobra Monster

Favourite cricket number: T19


User name: Ruvic

An upcoming star in the Softip competitive world.
Ruvic is a Spanish player that knows no limits and is no stranger to high stake competitive matches.
Keep fighting Ruvic and good luck out there champ!

Started playing in: 2011

Playes mostly on: 15.5" softip

Darts: Trinidad chandler

Favourite cricket number: T20